7.11.17    Should Gloucester Ban Plastic Bags and Styrofoam Containers?

Gloucester City Councilor Melissa Cox, and Eric Mangers and John Della Ruso of Seaside Sustainability talk about the proposed ban on plastics bags and polystyrene containers. They make a case for the ban because of these materials’ harmful effects on the environment. Watch this episode of the Cape Ann Report to hear their case for the ban:

6.29.17    DVDs of Cape Ann Graduations Available

DVDs of Cape Ann TV’s coverage of Gloucester, Rockport, and Manchester-Essex Graduations are available to purchase!

6.26.17    MASS Access Spring Conference

Highlights from the MASS Access Spring Conference where local media professionals and producers were welcome to come together with other community media professionals, local filmmakers, vendors, industry experts and producers, and to share their ideas, learn from the best in television, film, and management, and make connections with like minded people.

6.20.17    Gloucester High School Graduation is Online

With all this recent dreary wet and rainy weather, the GHS graduates lucked out and had a beautiful sunny day to graduate outdoors at  Newell Stadium overlooking the Gloucester Harbor. Cape Ann TV covered the event with three cameras and you can watch it all online.

click the image below to watch the video:

6.13.17    Rockport High School Graduation is Online

Rockport’s High School Graduation is now online. Not only do you get to see your favorite Senior graduate, the graduation also includes spectacular music performances.  Congratulations to the graduates!

Click on the image to watch the video: